May 18, 2017

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Celebrating National Sea Shell Day on Sanibel Island

Credit: Beaches of Fort Myers-Sanibel

It’s that time of year! For the second time, Sanibel and the rest of the country will celebrate National Sea Shell Day on June 21, 2017. Whether you’re on the island or far away, National Sea Shell Day is a great time to reflect on our beautiful island paradise and all of the treasures she holds. Begin the day, which also just so happens to be the first day of summer, on the sand with us, or by tuning into nationally-broadcasted television program, Good Morning America.

As one of the sea shell capitals of the world, Sanibel Island is the headquarters for this very special day. Expect to encounter National Sea Shell Day related activities all over the island. Join one of many shelling groups or professional charters, or take off on your own for a one-on-one experience with our beautiful shells. One thing is for sure, there are plenty to go around!

After you’ve shelled to your heart’s desire, head on over to the National Shell Museum and explore every aspect of the shelling world, from shell formation to beautiful “Sailor’s valentines.” The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum is the only museum in the United States that is solely devoted to shells and the mollusks that make them—again, where better to spend National Sea Shell day!

“Our beautiful shells have long attracted writers, artists and innovators to our beaches for creative inspiration and a connection to nature. National Seashell Day is a celebration of the gifts from the sea that make our area so special.”

Keep an eye out for the shell love bug, a VW beetle adorned with thousands of shells, all hand glued on to the vehicle. You won’t want to forget to bring a camera for this one—it’s one of the area’s best photo ops!

After a fun-filled day (and maybe a short nap), hit the sand at sunset for one last opportunity to practice your best “Sanibel stoop” before the sun sets for one more year on National Sea Shell Day. Keep an eye out for the lightning whelk, rose murex, Atlantic giant cockle and potentially… a Junonia! Now that would be a storybook ending.

Can’t join us on the island for this special day? The good news is that we like to think that every day on Sanibel Island is national seashell day. Any time of the year, thousands of sea shells are scattered across our sands every single day, waiting for you to pick them up and celebrate.