Jan 17, 2017

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Tips for Traveling With Dogs


At Signal Inn, we love providing pet friendly rentals on Sanibel. Your special time away from home should be as stress-free as possible and for many, that means bringing your pet along with you on your beach vacation rather than finding a sitter or placing them in a kennel. We aim to make your pet-friendly vacation as simple as possible, which is why this month, we want to highlight a few tips regarding traveling with your pets. During travel, pets can become stressed or anxious—continue reading for a few tips to make your animal’s’ transition into island life as smooth as can be.

#1 Head To The Vet
It never hurts to get your fur baby a check up before heading to the island. Beyond ensuring your pet’s health, it’s the only way to get a bona fide health certificate. That certificate — and proof of an updated rabies vaccine — may be necessary during your stay. The check up will help you avoid potential issues that may arise during your stay.

#2 Double Check Your Pet’s Tags
Check out the status of your pet’s collar before you leave—the last thing you want is to leave you pet with absolutely no identification in the case of an emergency. Also, bring a photo of your pet with you just in case you need this to assist in locating your pet.

#3 Pack For Your Pet
Make your pet feel at home; be sure to bring their favorite food, toys blankets, bed and more! Pack a bowl for their water, treats, a first-aid kit, medications (both oral and topical), and a copy of their medical records. Most importantly, bring your pet’s own food. Trust us; this is not the time to get experimental with your pet’s digestive tract.

If you follow our tips, you’re trip is sure to run smoothly for you and your furry friends! If you have any other pet-related questions, please give us a ring at (239) 472-4690, we’re always more than happy to assist!